Daniel Isaac was born in Vishakhapatnam AP in 1975. He started his martial arts training at the age of 5 under the tutelage of his dad Grandmaster Solomon Isaac.

Between 1985 and 1995 Daniel won numerous martial arts tournaments and competitions in India and abroad, most notable was winning the WKC World title in kickboxing from 1993-1995, he represented India and won gold at the WAKO small Olympic games in Alushta Crimea in 1994.

Lorelei Isaac

Lorelei is not just another pretty face, not just the wife of India’s MMA pioneer, She’s been actively part of the MMA scene since the first ever MMA event held in India, Clash of the Champions [COTC] During the Super Fight League era Lorelei was part of the fighter trainer squad as the strength and conditioning coach and head of the fighter hostel. Ever since moving to the United States she has taken on her lifetime passion of being a personal trainer and fitness Instructor but thousands of miles cannot separate the involvement of the Isaacs with Indian MMA, Lorelei is currently part of the AIMMAA womens MMA initiative and an active part of the committee that communicates with Indian MMA promotions regarding health sport and safety sanctions at AIMMAA sanctioned events.




Pallavi Jain

It is no secret that the pillars of Indian MMA have their family members actively involved with the organization and the sport. AIMMAA doesn’t call it conflict of interest, rather common interest. Pallavi is a martial artist specializing in kickboxing. Pallavi is also the assistant pastor of Church of the living waters in Devlali Nasik. She conducts kickboxing group classes and personal training for cardio kickboxing and is certified to teach under World Council of Kickboxing [WCK].

Jitu JaiN

From the days when little was known about the sport in India Jitu Jain has been working alongside Dan Isaac and Alan Fenandes as one of the founder board members and although Jitu is known as the jack of all trades his speciality lies within the back office and behind the scenes work. He works in close proximity with all the legal and finance teams at AIMMAA and runs the Nasik headquarters office. Jitu is the current President of AIMMAA.


Richard Thorpe

Richard Thorpe has been one of the pillars of AIMMAA from its inception, An engineer by profession Richard has travelled the world during his illustrious career. Now based out of Devlali Nasik Richard has dedicated his retirement years to working with India’s largest network of Mixed martial artists, If you have worked alongside him you would agree that Richard is one of the friendlist officials on the team yet his dedication and passion to following protocol and strict policies can be rivalled by few at AIMMAA. 

Alan Fenandes

Alan is the pioneer of BJJ in India, he actively competed on the International MMA scene while Indians still thought that MMA was WWE. He represented India on the pro MMA scene and is considered one of the first few legit MMA athletes to represent India in Muay Thai, Kickboxing BJJ, Sambo and MMA. He has been hands on with most of the significant developments of combat sports in India and worked with Super Fight League first as the head of the SFL training camp and then as COO in 2014-2015. Alan currently works as Director operations with Matrix Fight Night and MMA Matrix which is the AIMMAA headquarters training center in India.


Ryan Thorpe

India’s most experienced MMA referee is one of the founder members of AIMMAA. Ryan heads the referee judge committee and actively works with MMA promotions on ground during events to ensure the highest standards of health safety & sport. Ryan began his martial arts training first under Grandmaster Solomon Isaac and then trained under Daniel Isaac. He also heads the AIMMAA Product Strategy and digital roadmap.