The Revolution of 'Sport MMA'

Mixed Martial Arts - Over the last two decades  the sport of MMA in America and across the western world has been through a phenomenal evolution both in its infrastructure and developments as supported by the UFC.  Today MMA has been evolved into its own entity in the martial arts and professional sports as we know it.

Why the need for Sport MMA - While the efforts of the UFC cater to the business demographics of young men [ and recently women] between the ages of 18 and 24 it still leaves a major market behind of kids between 10 and 17 and parents between 25 and 35. On further survey it has been proven that this ‘left out demographic’ greatly increases the MMA involvement , support and business substantially. The reason that these two age groups have been left behind till date is because of the violent nature of professional mma. Injuries in Professional MMA fights [ although controlled in the US by the supervising sports commissions] are a fact and many Parents do not want their children participating in a sport which has a potential risk factor. In India over the last 14 years the AIMMAA has faced similar situations while developing and promoting the sport in India and thus has created the entities of ‘Sport MMA’  with sub-divisions of ‘Fitness MMA’ and ‘Traditional MMA’. Sport MMA and was co-founded by Daniel Isaac [ MMA Pioneer in India] and Alan Fenandes [ BJJ pioneer in India]
Sport MMA Training Seminar for kids in India
Bridging the gap
Sport MMA and Traditional MMA has opened doors for Instructors from backgrounds of karate , taekwondo , kungfu etc to join the AIMMAA.

What is Sport MMA : Sport MMA is a sport format of Mixed Martial Arts which allows controlled strikes [ light contact and semi contact sparring ] as opposed to the ‘full contact’ nature of existing amateur and professional mma fights. Sport MMA provides a platform for kids and teenagers [ both male and female] to train and compete within a safe environment of the sport while training in all the different aspects of real MMA namely striking , takedowns and ground fighting. We are not taking away anything from the true nature of ‘Mixed Martial Arts’ rather solidifying its concepts through a scoring and point system easy to understand to the masses.

The fundamentals of Sport MMA comprise of techniques from traditional karate , Brazilian jiu-jitsu , judo , taekwondo and wrestling. It is a more realistic yet cultured approach to promoting the Mixed Martial Arts to children and women

The future of Sport MMA : Sport MMA has literally exploded on the Indian MMA scene and is currently exclusive to the Indian MMA circuit. Sport MMA is now expanding across the world and will soon have its own Asian , European and International competition circuits. In Professional MMA fights the object of the fighters is to win over the opponent by hurting [ KO , TKO] him / her and / or forcing him / her to Tapout to a submission or choke hold. In Sport MMA the object is not to hurt but to win over the opponent by scoring points. This works perfectly towards what every parent would want their children to learn while yet developing and inclulcating a strong base of proper mma techniques for the student

Traditional MMA [ the foundation of Sport MMA ] : In 2009 and then later again in 2014 Daniel Isaac visited the United States for a martial arts teaching tour. During his last visit to Missouri and other states he noted that a vast majority of parents and guardians did not approve of their children to train in MMA because it did not focus on the values and cultures of discipline and respect which is predominant in Traditional Martial Arts. MMA focuses on its training regime being more as an activity and sport rather than a martial art. In MMA the instructor has been given the title of ‘coach’ rather than the title of sensei. With Traditional MMA we have begun to bridge the gap between the demographics of current MMA and Traditional Martial Arts with the new entity of TMMAA [ Traditional Mixed Martial Arts]. The result once again is a win win for the existing mma community as well as the Traditional martial arts community

Sport MMA rules and divisions - There are three major competition formats in Sport-MMA 1] Light contact  2] Semi contact and 3] Submission wrestling. The Light contact rules focus on three mandatory scoring points : one for striking , one for a takedown [ with a follow up score ] and one for a submission [ or a submission attempt with proper form ]. The first player to score all three full points will be declared the winner. Alternatively the player leading with the highest score at the end of the time-limit wins. In the case of a draw at the end of the time limit a 30 second ‘sudden death’ [ a single technique score from any of the above] declares the winner. In Semi-contact the similar concept applies but without the ‘stop and score’ system , In semi contact the players continuously score all three types of techniques and the referee keeps informing the authencity of the scores to the judges. Even a submission score does not end the bout rather after awarding the submission point the match continues. In submission wrestling the objective is to win via points or tapout. There are both kids , teens and adult divisions for Submission wrestling

Our Plan and vision for Sport MMA :

With the support from our friends , well-wishers and partners here are our plans which we would like to implement across the Indian sub-continent , asia and the world :

  1. Train the trainer program – teach , grade and certify 100 Traditional MMA and Sport MMA Black belts [ both male and female in every country.
  2. Help setup the infrastructure of every National MMA Federation into three major departments 1] MMA 2] Traditional MMA and 3] Sport MMA , each which would have its own dept heads and operating teams functioning under separate offices.
  3. Organise demonstrations before the Ministry of Sports to help get Sport MMA recognized nationally in every country.
  4. Organise awareness drives in schools and universities for Sport MMA.
  5. Train a team of kids ranging between the ages of 10 and 16 [ kids with prior martial arts training ] and have them to demonstrate Sport MMA rules [ light contact and semi contact sparring]. This in-turn would help us to organize the first ever  National Sport MMA Championships in every country hopefully at the end of six months.
  6. With the above plans we would be glad to be a part of a new revolution of sports and martial arts across the world.[ image as below ]
A Safe format to build a strong foundation in MMA Girls competing in a light contact sparring bout in India Fundamentals




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