During the late eighties and early nineties many inter-style martial arts tournaments were conducted in the USA, Japan and Brazil. These inter-style vale tudo type tournaments soon came under the scanner of athletic commissions and sports boards and were temporarily banned in many countries because of the no-rules image they were projecting. In some countries these no-rules tournaments were called human cockfighting.

In this decade with the advent of a worldwide system of "Unified" MMA rules and the explosion of MMA reality shows all over the world MMA has become the combat sport of the millennium.

In India the first no-holds-barred event was held in 1985 at Bytco college Nasik Road, Nasik Maharashtra. The event featured fighters from different dojos and gyms and was organized by Ishudo grandmaster Solomon Isaac. The event ended with severe cuts, bruises and broken bones, there was never a similar event held in India after that one but the organizer Solomon Isaac has always been remembered as the true pioneer for no rules fighting in the country. Isaac's son Daniel would later be known as the pioneer of modern Mixed Martial Arts in India.

Between 1998 and 2004 Daniel Isaac along with his team of Indian mma fighters under the banner of "Tigers Gym & Fight Club" competed at many MMA shows across Asia, Europe and Africa. Many of these Indian mma fighters like Alan "The Bull" Fenandes would soon become synonymous with the sport in the years to come.

In 2004, Daniel Isaac, Jitendra Jain, Alan Fenandes, Ryan Thorpe and three other founder members took a proposal to the registrar of societies to form and register an organization under the government of India to supervise the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. After going through a series of changes and change reports the organization finally was registered as the "All India Mixed Martial Arts Association" [ AIMMAA ]

In India the AIMMAA ensures that every promoter / association follows the strict guidelines laid down by the national board for safe practices, officials expertise and integrity and high standards of athlete training. AIMMAA supervises that every event in India covers the mandatory policies of Heath Safety and Sport governance. Under the guidance of state chief delegates and an expert panel of national committee members the AIMMAA continues to unify mixed martial arts and mma fighters under this All-India banner with an effort to provide world class training and know-how to the indian mma community. All events conducted by AIMMAA in India are under direct permission from the Ministry of Sports, Govt of India. In India the AIMMAA follows the policy "To protect the fighters and promote the sport"

To join the AIMMAA as a trained, certified MMA instructor / official or to affiliate your club , organization or promotion to the AIMMAA email us to at info@aimmaa.org



All India Mixed Martial Arts Association

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The AIMMAA has registered / affiliated offices in every state and union territory of India. Send us an email to be connected to the AIMMAA office closest to you.

AIMMAA membership is available to all martial artists , sports enthusiasts , trainers , instructors , mma fans and well wishers who want to support us towards the development of the worlds fastest growing sport in India.


All India Mixed Martial Arts Association
Training / Admn Headquarters
4th Floor, Hariprabha Solitario Commercial Complex, Near HDFC bank, Above Chroma showroom, Off college rd, Nasik. India.

Mobile :+91-9890381987
Email :info@ammai.in

Contact person: Mr Daniel Isaac
(AIMMAA founder and National Commissioner)



President, National Committee 2014 - 15

Jitendra Jain has been one of the pillars of the AIMMAA since its inception in the year 2000. A real estate businessman and sports enthusiast Jitendra was the co-promoter and organizer of the first ever sanctioned mma event in India “Clash of the Champions” which was held in Nashik road on 29th Feb 2004 and had the participation of MMA fighters from Iran, Egypt, UAE, Afghanistan and India.


President, National Committee 2016 - 18

Shihan Sharif Bapu formally joined the All India Mixed Martial Arts Association as a member on 29th Oct 2014. On high recommendation from North India's MMA pioneer Yashpal Kalsi, Shihan Sharif was offered the position of chief delegate for the state of Maharashtra and since then he has been the forerunner of all developments and promotional activities for the sport of MMA in the state. His efforts also included the formation of Maharashra state's first official society/body formed to develop the sport of MMA led by President and leading personality Shrimati Smita Thackeray named "Mixed Martial Arts Association of Maharashtra". Some of his accolades include 1] Being the Secretary General of Maharashtra Karate Association from 2007 to 2011 2] Torch bearer of the Queens Baton Relay of the common wealth games in 2010 3] Member of the Maharashtra Olympic Association from 2008 to be 2011 4] Received the Appreciation Award from the Govt of Maharashtra by CM & Dy CM in 2011 for being the Best Coach in the sport of Karate and 5] Coach of the Maharashtra State team at both the National Games in 2007 and 2011. Shihan Sharif Bapu has hosted and organised numerous MMA training programs , seminars and workshops which have provided the opportunity for many traditional martial arts instructors , students and athletes to begin their journey with MMA.


Team India Coach

Alan Fenandes is one of the pioneers of MMA and BJJ in India, from being India’s first ever MMA fighter to compete in International MMA [UK 2004] to being featured on the main event at Martial Combat Singapore against TUF famous Ray Elbe, Alan has been involved with all major developments of the sport of BJJ and MMA in India. Currently a purple belt and with 7 years of BJJ training under experts like Marcus Olivera, Pedro Schmall and Carlos Santos, Alan is also on the national board of the Jiu-Jitsu Association of India to Alan is a member of the worlds biggest body for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu [ IBJJF  http://ibjjf.org/ ] and was the COO of Super Fight League from 2013-2014. 



Pioneer of MMA in India (National Commissioner 2014-15)

Daniel Isaac began promoting MMA in India in early 2000 with Tigers Gym. He travelled worldwide with his fighters to make a mark for Indian MMA fighters on the global circuit. In 2004 he helped register the AIMMAA [originally under the name of All India Kickboxing Council]. Daniel has been synonymous with all major developments of the sport of MMA in India till date.